Top 5 Magento Themes

All sites have their special design it can contain some specific features, like brand pictures, color features and combination of all these things create the special theme. Some site owners prefer to create these themes manually, however such starting of site can require much time, efforts of various specialists in web-design, usability, programming. One person cannot possess all these skills, so all these things should delegated to some staff and it requires more charges.

Right theme

One good alternative is to find the existent theme and adapt it to brand features. Definitely theme cannot contain all things, which are necessary to site-owner, but they can be easily acquired with time. Choosing the right theme one should understand what purposes they would be used for.
However going away from practical issues there are many other, which help in choice. And we will present five the most popular themes used for Magento.


porto maganto theme

Magento itself e-commerce platform and theme all about commerce can considerably increase the commerce proficiencies of Magento. However the theme that possess more features can produce better effect on the audience and help with promotion. Porto contains many demos, which can help in the creation of vision of the further site, furthermore, it can be used as container for content, like blog, so need for creation of remote blog or creation of special pages for blog is eliminated with Porto. This responsive theme is absolutely multipurpose.


granada magento theme

There is one more way to allow site-owner posting of the content regarding the products, one can use integrated blog and start working with customers through the usage of various articles about the products, etc. Communication with customers, through blog is quite effective solution for promotion and these features has the Granada theme, specially created for Magento containing developed blog module that can be instantly installed and draw customers’ attention.


trego magento theme

Trego theme is quite interesting solution for site owners, which want to create something unusual. With this theme one can easily express all fantasies and visions towards the site design through the improved customization and intuitive page editor.


prima magento theme







This theme is special due to full concentration on the expansion of the selling capabilities of Magento. It aids in multilateral promotion, security and provision more possibilities for selling the products. With this theme one can effectively sell everything.


Milano magento theme







It is another one theme containing the integrated blog, but it includes features, which has Prima. Coupled with blog this theme can provide really quality promotion and sales within short timeframe.

Designer vs. Developer

Very often site developers thinking that they have all skills for production effective site can neglect to use the help from other specialists and create designs without designers. Sometimes they can really create something great if they have some insight or vision towards the further design. However, in most cases site developer cannot create really effective site design and ask designer to correct the already created design.

Working together with designer (from start) can produce much more benefits than separately. They produce really cohesive piece of design and site turns on the real masterpiece of clean code, great user interface with outstanding aesthetics. Such projects can attract much more customers, instead of using the efforts of only one specialist that has knowledge in one peculiar direction. Time needed for total site creation is decreased in union of two specialists.

Designer vs. Developer

Many years positions of designers and developers are separated due different subject of work. However both of them spend their efforts to site development. However, web developer build the site and maintain the stable structure, meanwhile, web designer works with site décor and look. These are two connected things having much difference in fulfilling. Though both of them should know coding of site and use some of the applications, which are common for them like jQuery, Javascript. These things are designed to provide functionality for creation and designing the sites.

However completed site cannot be done without joint work of designer and developer. So better decision is to make these two specialists work together.

Pros from this union

Most important reason to connect designer and developer activity to get completed project. Building the site without the good design is nothing, because such site will have only functionality without the necessary elements, which are needed to maintain users’ interactions with site. These things are created by site designer. They are specially educated to provide the design elements, which add some peculiar to brand colors, pictures, etc. Web designer also cannot create the site itself without the additional assistance of web developer.

There are some more benefits from working together:

  • Good design cannot be produced without the clear view of one more person to correct some shortcomings in code, design, etc.
  • Working together, developer and designer can initiate much creative brainstorming to produce something truly unique.
  • Web designer can make the design footprints, which cannot be realized within the certain CMS or developers’ skills. And collaborating they can communicate on the limitations provided by some peculiar features of hosting, CMS, etc.
  • Working together, these two persons can provide more developed vision and it will bring more benefits to project.